MPE Local Projects

Wanchai Ferry Pier

Due to its strong moisture resistance abilities, MPE Master Board was able to serve as ticketing offices, catering areas, and as the external base board in this two-floor ferry pier.

灣仔碼頭共有兩層,除了有售票處外,二樓還有餐飲設施。 在最近的裝修工程中,承建商採用 了棕櫚環保板,因為它具有很強的防潮能力,適合作戶外顯示基板。

Anchor House, Boys’ Brigade

BBHK needed to renovate a multi-function training room with strong fire and acoustic insulation requirements at Anchor House. Using the award-winning GeoPanel under the Innovation and Technology Commission Public Sector Trial Scheme (PSTS), a solid wall effect was achieved without the use of cement or wet trade. BBHK was particularly impressed with the fast construction speed as well as the site cleanliness.

香港基督少年軍 臻訓中心 (公營機構試用計劃)

香港基督少年軍需要裝修臻訓中心和加建一個多功能培訓室,並要求裝修物料擁有良好的防火和隔音效果。 通過創新科技局的“公營機構試用計劃”,臻訓中心使用了屢獲殊榮的棕科保溫板建造了培訓室,棕科保溫板不需使用水泥也可達到實芯牆的效果。 搭建棕科保溫牆體快捷方便,又能保持場地清潔,中心對牆體系統的整體效果非常滿意,印象深刻。

Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is located on Lantau Island, where termites are always a problem. To solve this, 12mm MPE Master Board was used, whilst delivering other advantages important for theme parks such as being A1 fire rated and being formaldehyde free. MPE Master Board is able to replace other high density boards at comparable prices, even though MPE Board is materially superior


香港迪士尼樂園度假村位於大嶼山,白蟻的防治一直是工程建設的重要問題。 客戶指定使用12毫米厚度的棕櫚環保板用於半封閉區域,以防白蟻攻擊。


Pet Pet 360

Pet Pet 360 is a one-stop pet hotel for cats and dogs in Mong Kok, with overnight pet care for travelling owners, grooming treatments, exercise facilities and even an indoor warm water swimming pool. When the hotel underwent renovation, it wanted to ensure a warm and healthy environment for the pets would continue to be provided. Because of this, the hotel owner decided to choose MPE Master Board for both the renovation and the specially designed enclosures, with the environmentally friendly material providing a safe environment for the pets from being formaldehyde- and VOC-free. The enclosures also mean each pet now has its own self-enclosed area for greater comfort and privacy; the enclosures being easy to clean due to MPE Board strong resistance to water.


香港越來越多的家庭飼養寵物,田園寵物酒店位於旺角,是一站式寵物酒店,設有室內溫水游泳池。 寵物主人可以帶著他們的狗和貓來做美容和鍛煉。 酒店還提供短期的寄養服務,讓需要外遊的主人安心又放心。

寵物360為了確保寵物能在既溫暖又安全的環境下暫住,所以在選購裝修材料時特別小心。 棕櫚環保板被選為酒店裝修工程的物料,並用作間隔寵物私人房間的牆身,每隻寵物都有自己半封閉式的獨立空間,讓牠們更有安全感。 而且這種材料具有很強的耐水性,讓日常清潔籠子的工作變得簡單。 另外,棕櫚環保板是一種環保材料,不含甲醛,不會揮發任何有害的氣體VOCs(揮發性有機物),為寵物的健康提供更佳的保障

Fire Services Training School (FSTS)

This 158,000m state-of-the-art training school is the result of a HK$3.5 billion investment. The FSTS has outdoor and indoor training venues, and has facilities enabling the simulation of a variety of fire scenarios to prepare students to deal with complex and large-scale emergencies. The training school uses the 6mm MPE Master Board as a glass backer.


設計新穎的消防訓練學校,佔地 158,000 平方米,耗資 35 億多元。 新校舍備有室外和室內訓練場地,並提供各種主題模擬訓練設施,讓學員能作好準備,應付複雜和大型的緊急事故。 訓練學校採用棕櫚環保板作為玻璃墊板。

Zero Carbon Building

A HK$240 million joint project between the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Government Development Bureau, the Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) is the first building in Hong Kong to produce absolutely no carbon emissions.

Strategies used to achieve this environmental milestone included: using low energy, low waste solutions; using locally sourced materials; and using recycled materials where possible. With MPE Board being composed of recyclable palm fiber waste, it was the perfect material for the ZCB, additionally providing a comfortable interior.


 零碳天地(ZCB)是香港第一座零碳建築。 耗資2億4仟萬港元,這是香港建築業議會與香港政府發展局聯合發展專案。 零碳天地的設計理念之一是低能耗、低浪費 , 使用可持續材料,如可回收棕櫚纖維(棕櫚環保板),以實現環保、舒適的生態家園

Highways/Lighting Department Maintenance Office

This 1600m two-storey building managed by Gammon Construction was able to achieve excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics due to 50mm GeoPanels used as the steel frame structure wall panelling and 18mm Master Boards serving as floorboards.


由金門建築管理, 位於荃灣的公路 / 照明署維修辨事處, 佔地1600平方米,採用了鋼結構和50毫米厚的地聚隔熱板作為牆體板興建。 同時採用了18毫米的棕櫚環保板作為地臺板。 使用棕櫚環保板及地聚隔熱板為辦公室提供了很好的隔熱和隔音功能。


FLOAT is a former barge renovated to become a floating party venue. Because of this marine environment, MPE Board strong water and fire resistance abilities are crucial in keeping both crew and guests safe.

To keep the indoor areas cool and cosy, insulated side walls and ceilings made from GeoPanel were built to fence off heat generated from the metal deck and barge edges, whilst for aesthetics, DecoPanel was used for creating a wood-grain effect finish.


 “遠航”原本是一艘駁船,經過一輪整修後成為一個漂浮在水面上的聚會場所。 船主希望建造一道隔熱牆,以隔離金屬甲板和駁船側面產生的熱量,以保持室內涼爽舒適。 設計師推薦了棕櫚地聚隔熱牆板用於建築側牆和天花板。 同時用了木紋藝彩飾板作表面材料。 棕櫚環保板耐水和防火力非常強,這在海上環境中很重要,也是客人選擇棕櫚環保板的重要原因。

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) is an American lifestyle retailer that focuses on casual wear. The company operates two other offshoot brands: Abercrombie Kids and Hollister Co. The company operates 1,049 stores across all three brands. Thickness of 18mm MPE board was specified as underlayer for its solid floor underlayer for its flagship store in Central.

 Abercrombie & Fitch 公司

Abercrombie 是一家專注於休閒服裝的美國生活方式零售商。 該公司經營另外兩個分支品牌:Abercrombie Kids和Hollister Co。 三個品牌共經營1049家門店。 A&F 在香港中環的旗艦店使用了18毫米厚度的棕櫚環保板作為實心地板墊層板。

CODEO Taproom

Owing to its strong fire ratings, MPE Master Board was used for internal walls and kitchen areas.

COEDO Taproom

因為棕櫚環保板有特別高的防火功能, 客戶指定用於內牆和廚房區域。

APB Centre

The new Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) office is the first government office in Hong Kong to achieve a BEAM Plus Interiors (BI) accredited platinum rating. The renovation project adopted a holistic approach on sustainable design, green construction, environmentally-friendly operation and maintenance in order to transform the existing premises into a green workplace.

MPE Board was able to contribute due to its strong fire rating, sustainability, and easy-to-use nature, enabling the APB to satisfy both design and BEAM requirements.



3 Garden Road

Completed in 1992 by project architect and property developer Great Eagle, 3 Garden Road is a Hong Kong office building in Central comprising two wings: the 47-storey Champion Tower (formerly Citibank Tower), and the 37-storey ICBC Tower, as well as a retail podium. The property offers more than 370,000m of rentable office space, approximately 12,000m of retail space, as well as a three level 558-space basement carpark.

Because of its green and strong moisture resistance abilities, Great Eagle selected MPE Master Board for refurbishment of offices and the basement carpark. MPE Board replaced traditional plywood in the carpark to help resolve the long-term problem of paint peeling and board deformities, as paint and many other finishes applied onto MPE boards are long-lasting.



位於香港中環金融中心的花園道三號是前花旗銀行廣場,由鷹君集團在1992年發展完成。 這棟大樓由兩翼組成,分別為:冠軍大廈(前身為花旗銀行大廈),共47層,工商銀行大廈,共37層。 還有一個零售平臺


因棕櫚環保板防潮能力強,所以被專案建築師和地產開發商鷹君集團指定取代傳統夾板及石膏板作為地下車庫和辦公室的翻新材料,以解決油漆剝落和板材變形的問題。 在棕櫚環保板面應用油漆和其他飾面,效果良好持久

此外,兩座辦工大樓幕牆沿線的牆壁區域因為室內,室內外溫差大,容易受潮,損壞裝修。 所以業主指定採用棕櫚環保板代替原來的中密度纖維板和石膏板以解決牆身發黴變形的問題。 自2014年起,與開發商指定的承包商長期合作,在租賃給新租戶之前,為兩座辦公樓更換原採用的物料


Paperclip is Hong Kong first dedicated startup incubator, which uniquely combines an Innovation Academy with serviced offices and co-working spaces: a beautifully designed addition to Sheung Wan startup community. With the design architect and owner liking MPE Boards green attributes and functional advantages, MPE Master Board was used for the renovation of their offices.

 Paperclips 辦公室 

Paperclips是香港第一所專門為年輕企業家提供結合了創新和共用空間概念的辦公室服務。 因設計建築師和業主都喜歡棕櫚環保板的環保特性和功能優勢,所以選用了棕科棕櫚環保板作為這所設計精美,設施完善的辦公室的裝修材料。 棕櫚環保板防火力強,不含甲醛。 環保健康的環境有利於消費者的健康,讓各租客安心工作。


Grand Hyatt Grissini

Grissini commands panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and adopts a contemporary interior design, providing a relaxed and casual atmosphere for guests to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. Located in the prestigious Grand Hyatt Hotel, the customer used MPE board for wall and ceilings for its renovation work.

 Grand Hyatt Grissini