MPE Board

MPE Multi Purpose Eco Board 

The ARpha MPE Board is an eco-friendly alternative to wood, gypsum and cement-based building board. It is made from abundant recycled natural minerals and palm fibre waste. The board is manufactured via an environmentally friendly process that consumes very little energy and emits close to zero carbon emissions. It is the healthiest and greenest building board available that is tough, durable and delivers superb high-quality finishes.

ARpha MPE Board has strong resistance to fire (*A1 class non-combustible), moisture and mold, as well as termite-proof capacity. It also acts as an excellent thermal insulation.

ARpha MPE Board was certified the SDG Label in Hong Kong for meeting the United Nation Sustainable Development Golas framework. It is found to be in accordance to the principle of Goal 11 – making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Geo Panel

The ARpha Geo Panel is a single unit for building a dry wall system. 

Panels are cut to standard shape and size at the factory and assembled on-site. Pieces are slot into supporting steel channels to quickly and efficiently create dwellings in a matter of hours. 

The Geo Panel wall system is a perfect fit for use in Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) projects.

Versatile Applications – Indoor and Outdoor Fittings