About Us

We are an architectural and interior design resource supplier and manufacturer. From tiles and mosaic to premium Italian wood flooring and sustainable building materials, we offer an extensive collection of high quality products for versatile applications, both interior and exterior.

With production plants located in Guangdong Province of China, capital of some of the finest tiles and mosaic manufacturing in China, our products are manufactured under international production standards and using advanced technologies, with modern design concepts.

Our factory has years of experience in exporting to overseas markets across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.

With an emphasis on design and quality, we exclusively strive to offer designer studios, architects, contractors and developers the best-suited materials and solutions to meet diversified design needs.



我們是一家建築與室內設計資源公司,專門生產和供應室內及室外均合適的建築材料,包括: 優質瓷磚﹑個性化馬賽克﹑高級意大利及泰國木地板﹑多功能環保棕櫚板材,以及提供設計諮詢服務。

我們提供高品質﹑具歐洲風格的瓷磚和馬賽克,產品集合創新的生產技術及時尚的設計理念,符合本行業廣泛採用的國際標準。我們的廠房亦具多年的代工生產經驗,跟多間國際品牌合作,並擁有豐富出口經驗, 國外市場包括亞洲﹑歐洲及美洲等國家。

我們十分著重質量和設計,致力為設計師﹑ 建築師﹑ 承包商和發展商提供最適合的物料方案,以滿足多樣化的工程項目及設計需求。